Sunday, October 11, 2009

Changes at the Cinema

I love Kung Foo Cinema.

I love my nickname, Foo, even if I have no idea what it means or why it stuck to me the way it has. I mean, I learned last night that there's some coding thing that goes something like "If foo, then bar." And how perfect of a way to describe interacting with me is that?!

Plus, it's always struck me as funny as Hades that I turned "Kung Fu Cinema" into a play on said nickname. ("See what I did there?!")

I open the Post So Far this way because after a conversation with some awesome friends about blogging and why it isn't working for me the way I want it to, I have decided to make some changes here.

CHANGE THE FIRST: Up until now, I've been doing lifestyle/food blogging on one blog and doing "my life" blogging here. I don't know why, except that maybe I thought some people wouldn't be interested in my life unless I was cooking something awesome.

My friends pointed out that, hey, my life is actually kinda interesting, and that my lifestyle and my cooking and my 100-year-old farmhouse aren't separated from who I am and how I live my day to day. They suggested that creating artificial boxes around everything might hurt my desire to post, and thus to keep readers happy.

I have smartypants friends.

Which brings me to...

CHANGE THE DOS: This blog (and my other blog) are way too fracking serious. I'm not serious. I mean, I apparently have a serious face (my thinking face looks like my mad face, I'm told), but little to nothing that comes out of my mouth is serious. Unless it's about gaming. I'm serious as Ghandi about gaming.

So, from here on out, Kung Foo Cinema will be my main blog for talking about food and cooking, home and decorating, well-being, my writing and just general miscellaneous nonsense. I hope you're cool with that.

Practically, this means that over the next few days, I may be removing some of the more boring posts from here, and I will be transferring other posts from The Cottage Witch that I like and think are useful here. Plus, I've already got some seasonal and introspective posts ready.

Therefore (ergo), I'm hitting the reset button....


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