Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Decorating: Vomiting Pumpkin

Aw... Poor Mr. Pumpkin had a tad too much to drink on Halloween night.

Who could blame him really? If you had your insides scooped out and a candle stuck up your butt, you'd get a little drunk, too.

This centerpiece is beyond cute, and you can eat the vomit! Bonus!

Frat Boy Jack is SUPER simple to make. I used a mini pumpkin, which I thought worked really well on the buffet table, but I suppose you could use any sized pumpkin.

1.) Prep the pumpkin like you would any normal jack-o-lantern.

2.) With a sharp paring knife, cut two "X"s for eyes. (You will want to cut them a little wider than single lines, just so you'll be able to see them from afar.)

3.) Cut a large rectangle for the mouth.

4.) Position the pumpkin at the back of a large platter.

5.) Take a tub of hummus, and spread a little around the mouth. Then, pour the hummus onto the platter so it appears to be coming from Jack.

Note: I've seen people add a smidge of green food coloring to make the "puke" look green, but I thought it was fine as is.

6.) Add plenty of crackers or pita wedges to the platter, and serve. Preferably with a beer bong.