Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday Update, Part Two

I've been 40 for just over 3 hours, and am so excited I can't sleep. Not because I'm excited about being 40, but because I feel great and loved and everything else you can think of that's good.

I'm too worn out to fiddle with the camera, but I do have some pictures I can post later. Still, I wanted to share what's been going on on my "birthday weekend extravaganza".

Thursday Day - We celebrated my birthday at work on Thursday, since I took Friday off. First, I was totally surprised when one of my friends, C, dropped by and handed me a wrapped package. Turns out, it was a book - an encyclopedia of mythical creatures from all over the world. I was spellbound by it all day. She said she actually saw it and thought of me, so she picked it up - not even knowing my birthday was near.

My friend M baked a cake for me, and we all shared it in the kitchen. It was my favorite - chocolate cake with white icing - and absolutely scrumptious. Plus, I have a soft spot for homemade cakes. When someone makes me a birthday cake - or I make one for someone - I think it feels really special. I felt special, at least.

Thursday Evening - At the end of the day, several of us walked over to Norton's Vault, a cool pub down the street from my office. I think this may be my go-to pub now. It has a great atmosphere - open and free-flowing, yet cozy at the same time. We started drinking Guinness, progressed to Irish whiskey, and then more and more and more people showed up. Altogether, there were almost 20 people who came to wish me "happy birthday", including several who don't normally do happy hour-type things. Everyone was super nice, and kept telling me how great I looked and I didn't look 40, etc. Not sure if they were stretching the truth or not (don't people always have to say that?), but it felt good nonetheless.

(Also, one friend from another department hadn't seen me in a couple of months, and she was so tickled over my weight loss that I got tickled, too.)

I mingled around the table, I drank whiskey, and I shined my light, which I haven't necessarily in a while.

To say I felt great is a mild understatement.

I even made a new friend - a woman invited by one of the guys whom I instantly connected with. We rode the train home together, and she gave me the warmest hug before her stop.

Yes, definitely a good day.

I'm getting sleepy now (finally), so I'll pick up tomorrow with the story of the even MORE awesome day I had on Friday...

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