Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Decorating: Tricker Treat!!

First of all, yes, Mom. I know it's spelled "trick or treat". I just think it's funny to spell it phonetically. And by phonetically, I mean how I say it.

Well, I put off decorating to the very last minute, but I managed to dig out a box of Halloween goodness to throw all over my porch. Above is this year's Jack-o-Lantern, Ned. Please ignore Ned's pen ink moustache. He's sensitive about it.

Some more scenes from my porch (with really weird lighting - very Halloweeny, no?) below:

Giant candy bowl is outside, so that if I want Hershey's bars and Twizzlers, I have to go out on the porch for them. Since I'm currently munching on a Twizzler, I'm not sure how effective this plan is.

I found Mrs. Pumpkin-Head just languishing in my garage, so I hung her by the door. She's not as blue and washed-out as my bad photography makes her seem.

I've had this sign for years, though the best place for it means that "Witch Way" points away from my house, which is probably inaccurate.

Glamour shot of Ned, Mrs. Pumpkinhead and little Mexican paper mache pumpkin (Jose, I guess?). I line the steps with Mason jars filled with candles and candy corn. You can see three of them in this shot. That is, you can see them if you squint.

These pictures suck. Sorry. It looks nice, trust me.

Here's a shot of the Mason jar. The candies and candle wax fuse together to make a pile of mess that you'll never get out, so you might as well set them aside for next Halloween. Which is precisely what I did last Halloween.

Hopefully these decorations will lure the tricker treaters out of the woodwork, because I love them.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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