Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weight Loss

In her book, Quantum Wellness, Kathy Freston says that if you stick with the routine (no alcohol, caffeine, sugar, gluten or animal products), your weight loss will be "profound".

I'm finding this to be profoundly true. At least, so far.

Since the first week in August, I have lost 25 pounds, and two pants sizes. That's a little over four pounds a week - every week.

My previous experience with weight loss tells me that this is a lot. Even on my "best" dieting weeks (and I usually went to bed hungry on those weeks), 3 pounds a week was the best I've ever done. And while I traditionally have been able to shed pounds quickly (sticking to it long enough to keep them off being another matter entirely), this definitely feels like a lot, fast.

In fact, it's so much that I'm wondering if I shouldn't slow down a little - if that's possible. Truth is, I'm pretty much always full, and I feel like I eat a lot. I literally have dieted on more calories in the past, and was hungrier. But meals of oatmeal, rice, beans, big salads, veggie burgers and fruit leave me feeling pretty satisfied. And I'm getting at least 1300-1500 calories a day, and a lot of nutrients (including protein). So, I'm probably okay.

Plus, I've been "cheating" a little. A little gluten here and there (mostly in the form of soy "chicken" patties, etc., but a half-bagel or a small slice of bread every great once in a while), a little sugar (Soy Dream ice cream!) and one mimosa (which made me sick for three hours - thanks, alcohol). So, it hasn't felt like a diet.

And, putting on my new, smaller pants in the morning, I'm not sure I can complain.

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  1. it is such a huge bonus to NOT go to bed hungry!! w00t!