Saturday, August 15, 2009

On the Seventh Day

So, I've made it through the first week of the Quantum Wellness Cleanse, and I'm still going.

I didn't have the best day on Friday, to be honest. It was my friend J's birthday, which meant it was all about him. First, we have a tradition of baking each others' birthday cakes, so I made him a huge coconut layer cake. I didn't have a piece (I heard it was delicious), but there was quite a bit of licking of fingers and beaters. So, I broke the no-sugar rule. And the no-eggs rule, I guess.

Then, we took him to lunch at one of his favorite places to eat: Perbacco. There were a few vegetarian options, and I had a nice summer peach salad followed by an absolutely delicious black rice risotto with fingerling potatoes on the side. Everyone else was trying each others' food, and still agreed that my meal - the only vegetarian meal on the table - was the best.

That said, I'm pretty sure that the risotto had dairy in it (parmesan cheese at the least) and the potatoes were cooked in animal fat (which sounds gross, now that I say it like that). Also, I went dumb for a second and ordered an iced tea. I drank it all before I remembered that I was off caffeine and that, duh, iced tea has caffeine in it.

(As an interesting side note, I've been sleeping way better the past few nights - going to sleep at a reasonable hour, not waking up and getting up refreshed. All that went away last night, so apparently even a small dose of caffeine has major effects on me. Good to know.)

Anyway, with the exception of those few slip-ups yesterday, I stuck to the plan all week. And even those weren't all THAT bad. I did notice that after lunch, while I was slower than usual, I wasn't falling asleep in meetings like I had on previous outings to that restaurant. And I didn't have a stomachache.

On the positive side, I'm constantly hitching up my jeans now - the ones I just bought a month ago to go to London, and that fit perfectly then.

So, onwards. We'll see what Week 2 brings.

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