Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TWD: Swedish Visiting Cake

What better way to come back to Tuesdays with Dorie (and posting in general; sorry about that) than with my FAVORITEST ALL TIME DORIE GREENSPAN RECIPE OF ALL TIME.

For serious.

This Swedish Visiting Cake is phenomenal on multiple levels. First, it takes one bowl. Second, it takes only a handful of ingredients. And except for maybe the almonds and the lemon, you have all those ingredients already.

There's no complicated creaming or fancy techniques. You even melt the butter before you pour it in. A quick stir and voila.

Even better, you bake it in a cast iron skillet! How cool is that?! I was going to bake it in My Baby (a 100-year-old, beautifully seasoned cast iron skillet), but realized it was a tad too big. So I pulled out the Le Creuset I hardly ever use, and that now has a new purpose in life: To bake this cake. Over and over and over.

Because - as if the easiness and the coolness of cast iron wasn't enough - this cake is fracking delicious. It's moist and yet sturdy, and there's a delicate taste of lemon to it that's not overpowering. It's perfect with a cup of tea.

As with most of my baked goods, I tried this out on the guys I game with. There were only three of us, and we decimated the entire thing. (I was actually grateful I had two guys here, because I might have done the same if it were just me and then I'd have to go to confession.)

One guy said that he didn't believe dessert was dessert without chocolate in it, but he was making an exception for this cake.

So, there you have it. Awesome dessert to throw together quickly that is not only easy, but totally delicious.

Get the recipe at The Dogs Eat the Crumbs. (How cool of a blog name is that?)

And hi!


  1. I think I need your red Le Crueset cast iron skillet. In fact. I'm sure of it. Just hand it over. Nice and slow... HA HA! Glad you and the guys enjoyed the cake. This one is definitely a keeper!

  2. wow - favorite dorie recipe. that\s something!

  3. This one rates up there pretty high with me. I loved the taste. Loved the ease of making it. And, loved that I got to use my cast iron skillet to bake it in. Though, a Le Crueset pan would be nice too. :)

  4. Oh, I'm so excited that this is your favoritest Dorie recipe - IN CAPS, NO LESS! It's one of my favorites, and when you factor in the ease quotient, it would win handily. Glad the cake got high marks even from the chocolate lover. Thanks for baking along with me this week.

  5. This one really didn't appeal to me, until I tried it! It's definitely a new favorite here too, and a real keeper!