Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TWD: Chocolate-Oatmeal "Almost Candy" Bars

Again with the not posting my Tuesdays with Dorie recipe on Tuesday. Sorry about that. It's purely a reflection of my own laziness, and not a reflection on these Chocolate-Oatmeal "Almost Candy" Bars. Because they rock.


The recipe is really straightforward; it's just a bar cookie with an oatmeal cookie base, covered in a layer of chocolate. You hold back some of the oatmeal base to make a crumbled topping, and then bake.

There's lots of little interesting bits. The oatmeal cookie base is studded with pieces of salted peanuts, and there's salted peanuts in the chocolate topping too. The chocolate layer is actually made by melting chocolate chips with condensed milk.

Dorie calls for adding raisins to the chocolate, but that just didn't sound appealing to me. It apparently didn't sound appealing to a lot of other bakers, either, because I read about a lot of substitutions on the forums. I settled on butterscotch chips, which melted nicely into the chocolate and gave an extra hit of sweetness to the bars.

There's really nothing I didn't like about these cookies, and they were super popular when I brought them to work the next day. I recommend you cut them thin (especially because they were really thick). It also makes a really big batch - I had plenty, and only made a half recipe in an 8x8 pan (instead of the 9x13 called for).

They were really sweet, especially with the butterscotch. I can even see making these MORE over the top, by adding coconut to the cookie base, or trying a caramel or dulce de leche layer between the two layers. But honestly, they're delicious and plenty sweet as is.

Overall, I thought these were great, and will probably make them again soon. To get the recipe, go to Confectiona's Realm.

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