Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Tax Dollars at Work

Usually, saying "my tax dollars at work" is a negative thing. In this case, I actually say it with a bit of pride, because my tax dollars actually went toward something I can get behind: our new hiking and biking trails.

I live very close to the ocean, and to a group of hills that overlook said ocean. The hills have always had trails in and around them, but they've been haphazard. A few months ago, the county took on a conscious effort to improve them, and I have to say, it makes life here even better.

There are lots of nice, wide, well-marked trails here, of varying levels of difficulty. Every sign gives you directions and distance to the next trailhead. This is the beginning of a nice short trail with a mild upward slope that I use as my daily walking trail.

These are the newest installations: a series of flat wooden bridges and walkways perfect for biking and walking. This whole area was uneven and unappealing, and turned into a giant mudslide in the rainy season. Now, it's the most inviting part of the area.

Strategically placed wooden benches provide seating, and I almost always see older people hanging out here and resting, or moms taking a break with their kids.

They even carved out this faux creek thing beside the walkway, which is very likely to become a real creek when the rains start in a couple of months.

The weather stays nice here until January or February (and is then yucky for only a couple of months), so hiking is the main way I stay fit. Now, it's just a little nicer.

Granted, that big check for property taxes on December 10th will still hurt, but I have to admit it will hurt just a tiny bit less when I'm out on our spiffy new trails.

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